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5th April 2011Version 14.1
Released originally in December 2010 but updated in April 2011 to deal with the changes set out in the Finance Bill 2011.

These include the removal of the 120% factor for reference periods starting after 5th April and any reference to "USP" and "ASP".

Other aspects include improvements to invoicing, scheme return (APSS301) monitoring and the tax reclaim process.

31st December 2010More Feed for thought
In addition to being able to run Data Feeds for bank transactions, OmniSIPP and OmniSSAS now include the ability to run Price Feeds from Skandia, Fidelity and Interactive Data. If you would like more information on any of our feed processes please do get in touch.

1st April 2010Version 12.9
Released April 2010. New features included streamlining reclaiming tax on invetsment income and extra settings to customise various reports. The Payroll module was updated for new tax rates.

1st December 2009Version 12.8
New features include internal transfers between members and scope for futher pension payments in a year. The Payroll module now stores calculation workings for all payments.

1st June 2009Version 12.7
New features include links to your internal procedures and producing accounts

12th March 2009Version 12.6
Version 12.6 has now been released with new features, including term deposits

31st January 2008HMRC Crashes
The Revenue website has today made headline news due to many people trying to submit returns and overloading its bandwidth.

Pension Scheme Returns would have had to be submitted by midnight tonight if administrators wished to avoid an automatic £100 fine being levied. This deadline however has now been extended 24 hours.

Thanks to our Pension Scheme Online module our clients have been able to successfully submit returns today as it transports data to the revenue via a different protocol. ...more

10th October 2007New module (PS Online)
We have today released our Pension Scheme Online module.

This new module will automatically interface with the HMRC website allowing you to not only extract data automatically from within the Omni system, but also store the receipt and get reports on submissions directly from our standard packages.

The module works with both the OmniSSAS and OmniSIPP solutions allowing users to save time by collecting the majority of data from the information already held. ...more

7th August 2007Feed for thought
Use of Bank of Scotland feeds within the OmniSIPP / OmniSSAS products is now available. These feeds work in the same way as those provided by Cater Allen / Bath Investment Building Society. This is a 5 stage process:
  1. Creation of transactions from the feed
  2. Balance comparison between the feed and the system
  3. Reconciliation records created/started (as appropriate)
  4. Transactions automatically posted for reconciled accounts
  5. A spreadsheet overview of all changes
If you are interested in this feature then do get in touch.

1st February 2007Expected Transactions
Our OmniSIPP / OmniSSAS products are now capable of generating expected contributions, rent, and loan payments.

After entering some basic data the program will automatically generate transactions for future frequent payments saving administrators hours of time.

These transactions are kept on their own tab until confirmed, and are then handled as if they had been entered manually.

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