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Omni software is designed for administering and managing SSASs and SIPPs.

The need to keep and maintain detailed records and information is essential for any administration firm. The ties that Omniphi Systems Limited has with an existing SSAS and SIPP administration firm enables the software to be as up to date and compliant as it can be.

The software is designed to cover and where possible, simplify all aspects of administration, including:

  • Detailed store of bank transactions
  • Full Investment history including detailed property record keeping
  • Drafting of scheme accounts
  • Generating and tracking pension payments
  • Allocation of fund values between members
  • Tracking of crystallised and uncrystallised funds
  • Monitoring what should happen (e.g. rent due) to identify what hasn´t happened

In addition to the above, the software can also:

  • Claim tax relief and allocate it to members
  • Electronically submit APSS301 and 313 returns without using the HMRC website
  • Produce Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance statements for issuing to members

OmniSSAS and OmniSIPP also have a complete range of calculation programs. These include:

  • BCE calculator that will track lifetime allowance used
  • Maximum Pension Limit calculator (for clients remaining in capped drawdown and not taking Flexi-access drawdown)
  • Produce fully compliant Key Features Analysis and Pre retirement projections
  • Pension withdrawal analysis including critical yields
  • SMPI calculator
  • Annuity rate generator

For a full list of the products that we license please see here.

For more information on any of the above or if you would like a demonstration of the software, please contact us.

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